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"An Arabian Sun & Sand Experience"

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Day 3... 1/06/2016
Decided to brave the heat and take the stroll this morning to view Burj Khalifa & surrounds..Awesome & unique piece of architectural engineering to say the least.!!.For the statisticians out there, my research tells me it's built on an 11 hectare park & rising to a height of 828 meters with 124 floors, (at which is the public observatory) this building still claims to be the world's tallest at present with commanding views of the Arabian Gulf. The local Islamic culture has inspired much of the interior design with thousands of Middle Eastern pieces of artwork throughout..
For the shoppers out there, your paradise is just next door.!!..The Dubai Mall..Yet another of Dubai's claim to fame by being the world's largest shopping mall..Over 1200 stores & brand names and still increasing.. it's a retail heavan or nightmare, however you look at it.!!!..There's even an aquarium & ice rink with the obvious cinema to keep you occupied while your other half is spending up.!!. Typically, with current exchange rates regularly on the move it's always best to have your calculators at the ready.!!..
Knowing I had a big feed to look forward to in the evening it was a quick light snack with a healthy iced tea before catching a 16 dirham taxi ride back to the hotel for my 4:30pm pick up by Arabian Adventures on my Sundowner Desert Safari & Dinner.."Woohooo.!!'
As organised tours go, well not my cup of tea but you can see the advantages for families & groups alike..A falcon display/4wd dune bashing and watching a belly dancer while having dinner may please some.. though, I was happy to come away with a handful of acceptable pics of the sunsets & sand dunes from this unique and one off experience in the "Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve"..Established in 2002 and covering an area of 225 sq. kms. it takes in 5% of Dubai's land mass and was created with the aim to preserve some of Dubai's threatened & endangered species of fauna & flora..My kinda place.!!!9E5307A2BEFD616D1D6C8E27A3848185.jpg9E567462C8D4876EBC756B2BC735FA9E.jpg9E5A4D9BF7C9AE76254B140B0868D4BA.jpg9E5E432ECFC625945974FF9C49ADA548.jpg9E54E153EAF0D12C5CF3BB9C6E81DA29.jpg9E60013496FE457B60F1B468CCE7B41D.jpg9E64C499B3DA7569B57EF03BFEE7AB44.jpg9E6630B595603CC771A43F06AE9887A5.jpg9E6913E290E048C93500F9361F032A50.jpg9E6B9A76929AA6B4E0108A84D8CCE3D8.jpg9E6D2E3304A5AF4BEAEDBE0BC70CD3B9.jpg9E6EEA8EAE8C091841543CCEBC14D295.jpg
Well, in short..A day that was full on.!!!!..

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An Early Arrival With An Early Check In..!!

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I had read and heard that the "Four Points By Sheraton" hotel has some amazing views around Dubai both by day & night, so after checking in at reception my first mission was to check out the 43rd Floor at the top of the building..Probably not the best time for the keen photographer through the almost 40deg. after noon heat haze, so I decided I'd return with the camera after sunset. The hotel it's self is situated in an ideal spot, with awesome views from almost any angle and also within close proximity to most local sights & attractions...No rush.!. I'm on holiday, so we shall see what tomorrow morning brings..maybe a walk across to the world's tallest building the "Burj Khalifa" & then check out the so called world's largest shopping mall " Dubai Mall" without getting lost.. 'cos I've gotta be back in time for my 4:30pm pick up by the guys at Arabian Adventures, for a uniquely named Sundowner Dune Dinner Safari..Ah well.!!.when in Dubai.!?!?..Some of us do get talked into these things I guess.!!..Sand & cameras.??..Not a good combination me thinks.!!!

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The journey begins....

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P5290003.jpgP5310007.jpgP5300004.jpgMonday the 30th.May'16..
Awoke with mixed feelings..Excitement of course with I guess a slight touch of apprehension,obvious I guess, when you are leaving your loved ones for a lengthy period..What,five months you say !?!?. Well, it's all paid & booked for so there's no turning back now.!!..It's been a plan in the making for a while now, so as they say..onwards & upwards..!!!!
A relaxed brunch with my beautiful wife SongHi & our little Oscar at the Mountain Bean in Montville and a last minute check before catching the bus to Brisbane Int. Airport to check in for my 21:00hrs Emirates EK435 flight to Dubai...My first experience flying with these guys and probably not my last..Impressed, to say the least.!!
It's been a long flight & long night but we still arrived in Dubai around twenty minutes early..I've heard Dubai DXB is the 3rd. busiest airport in the world & you can see why..Very impressive buildings & architecture..I was far too early to check in to my hotel for the three night stay so passed the time taking advantage of the free airport wifi while planning & researching the days events..
As seasoned travellers will agree, Never..take up the first offer of a taxi & always go with your gut feeling.!!..Being offered a drive to the hotel from the airport initially for 300 Dirhams. & then ending up with a licensed government taxi to do the same for 64 Dirhams surely tells you why.!!!.I guess speaking and understanding the language helps too.!!!!..Ahh.!!..travel..Love it....but it has it's challenges too.!!!!

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